What To Pack For Vacations

by Shefali Tandon

'I Think am forgetting something' - the most common feeling when headed for a vacation. Whether it is just a weekend getaway or a well planned long holiday, there are certain common everyday essentials that one tends to forget. It is absolutely normal as we tend to take these things for granted as part of our lives and don't give them too much heed while planning. You may or may not like to be that in-depth and intricate planner but there are certain things that you surely need while going on a holiday. Sharing here, our list of those must haves in your luggage, suitcase, bag pack for any kind of travel be it India or overseas. This is a handy guide to ensure you have a smooth and rolling vacation.

1. Toiletry kit - Which includes your tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream/gel, razor, shaving brush, just in case the hotel doesn't provide you with a dental and shaving kit. You generally get a soap/ shower gel, shampoo, moisturiser everywhere.

2. Battery chargers for your cell phone, laptop, camera - this is another essential in today's time and one needs to ensure that this is the first thing you keep in your luggage while embarking on a travel.

3. Sunglasses/reading glasses/Contact lens- Another key travel essential which is at times a top priority for many.

4. Slippers - We all tend to carry fancy footwear, sneakers and heels on a vacation but tend to forget the basic slippers that we need in our hotel rooms. While a lot of hotels do provide for them but they should surely form a part of your must keep list during a holiday.

5. Sunscreen and body lotion - A must have beauty essential in your kitty to keep your skin moisturised at all times.

6. Lip balm - Changing weather can damage your lips badly and hence it is advisable to carry a lip balm in your bag.

7. Name tags - A must have if you are embarking on a long travel and that too visiting multiple locations. Then it is easier to identify your luggage in a crowd.

8. Sanitizers/Deodorants- Another key item of daily use and especially required while you are travelling to maintain personal hygiene.

9. ATM/Credit cards and cash - Do ensure to carry enough cash and plastic money for your travel. Cash is critical as there are still a lot of places which do not accept plastic money and it is very much possible that while you may have your cards you do not encounter an ATM or there are connectivity issues.

10. Medicines - One should always carry some basic medicines & First Aid Kit (bandages, gauze, adhesives, etc.) in the bag while embarking o a holiday to encounter any emergency situation. And if at all you are a patient then keeping the stock of medicine for the complete holiday duration should be the first priority.

11. Mosquito Repellents - Bugs including mosquitoes, ticks, and flies can spread diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria & yellow fever etc. Repellents should be purchased before traveling and wide variety of repellents can be found in drug stores for different purposes.

12. Travel Documents & Photo ID Cards - Do keep the print outs/screen shots of all your hotel, flight and rail reservations as well as valid Photo ID cards before you commence your travel to avoid any goof ups.

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