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  • Rajesh joshi Reply

    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Craignano is a wonderful retreat to the way the Simla Hills used to be. The walk is beautiful and very easy on the fet. It is a pleasant winding road through pine forests. There is a temple before Craignano and the Agricultural research institute offers a good way to pass the morning. If come below Craignano on the road to Mashobra, there is a popular temple and in the meadow near it is a lovely couple who make some delicious aloo parathas on order. It is great place for a family picnic.

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  • Anuj Kumar Reply

    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    It''s really a nice place to spend your vacations, i visited there in September 2016 weather is so cool that no need of switching on the fan or a/c. Mashobra we really enjoyed a lot. It''s approx 8-10 hours journey from Murthal if you drive at an average speed of 90-100 kmph which is allowed on highways. Visited so many places like craignano, mall road, hatu peak etc. This is a must visit place, if i get time then i will surely visit there again.

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