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  • Mamta Pundeer Reply

    Monday, May 15, 2017

    Srinagar is a one of the most tourist place of India. of north direction of India. When ever I would like to travel with my friend and feel sublime experiences. We feel The mountain of Srinagar is look like as Bahubali is situated here. And iceberg is come from the mountains is look like diamond is shining. And glowing their ??. And the cloud nearest the mountain is look droplet of ?? is like as gold are surrounded here fall downward towards the mountain. The river like as Indus, vyas, jhelam, chenab are look as they rises from God Vishnu stomach. Like as the flower come from his stomach. Mountain look like Shiva is standing here. There are many tourists places park, mall, riverbank, temple, and a lot of places where we feel we are standing in heaven and the ice come from mountain is look like queen are drop of flowers and milk to you.

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  • Areef Khan Reply

    Friday, April 28, 2017

    It was when my sister and I were browsing through places nearby Delhi, to escape the scorching heat of Delhi that this place hits me. Although well known as a conflict zone, the beauty of this place had me spellbound the very moment we landed on this beautiful, God-gifted city of the country. Although I was sleep deprived, because of the early morning flight, I simply couldn''t shut my eyes off from the beauty of this place. Before we could reach the place for our homestay, I knew I was already in love with this gem of a place. It was like opening a Pandora box. This place has so much to offer, from it''s scenic beauty to it''s rich varieties of fruits and foods. Gulmarg is one place you should not omit, particularly if you are a person who loves adventure sports. And ofcourse, if you love snow! Another place worth visiting would be the snowclad place known as Sonamarg. One must set off early in the morning, mind you! The Tulip Garden in Srinagar and the very famous Dal Lake and the water market, who can ever resist? Truly, this place will cast it''s spell on you the moment you set foot on it, beware! A place truly worth all the time and money you will spend. This is one place you will always love to go back to.