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  • Arpit Kaur Reply

    Sunday, June 4, 2017

    Amritsar may be a standout amongst city punjab What''s more assuming that you need aid at any point setting off to punjab then verify with visit amritsar once. You will cherish those positivity Also great vibes around you.! personally I visit amritsar consistently due to its primary fascination Brilliant sanctuary or harmandir sahib. Brilliant sanctuary will be put the place you feel paradise What''s more All that excessively sure At you enter there. Those sanctuary will be completely secured from gold inside and half gold from outside. All around ragis completing kirtan What''s more outside a enormous beautifull sarovar which will be sky blue On shade loaded for different breeds about fishes. Different puts on visit in amritsar will be thier nourishment stalls around the city uncommonly chole bhature amd jalebi. Great dont overlook on attempt that.

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  • Amrit kaur Reply

    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    The center of Amritsar is pedestrian only. I walked to the temple and just sat on the esplanade for about 30 minutes watching the colourful world go by. It seemed that thousands were milling around, removing or claiming shoes. The older Punjabi gentlemen I was sitting next to offered me his coffee while a young man went to get him another cup. When restored I went into the temple, head covered with my new dupata. There were many more people inside walking around the Sarovar(water tank) to reach the huge line up to enter the Golden Temple and pay respect to the Adi Granth(holly scriptures). The feeling inside the enclosure is of awe, like in many holly sites of any religion. On one hand there was religious fervour, but then there were also selfie takers. There is a spot on one of the edges of the tank reserved for the men''s ablution; the women area is fully enclosed. Huge kois are swimming close to the steps. Many volunteers worked around the temple, cooking, distributing food, washing up or cleaning the ground. I watched a group of women cleaning pilgrim''s drinking vessels by rubbing them with black sand then wiping them up. I eventually found the famous kitchen. I heard a loud din thinking it was some kind of drumming. It was the sound of metal talas and bowls being washed. I went back to the Golden temple at dusk to rest my mind(and my feet). and take in the chant of the Granthi while being mesmerized by the reflection of the Temple in the Sarovar, a peaceful ending of the day.