2 Reviews

  • Sunil Solanki Reply

    Monday, May 29, 2017

    We enjoyed boating in this lake. It is pretty quiet and calm and you can just sit back in your boat and enjoy. However, nothing different. This is just a usual lake. If you are going out as a couple to relax, without bothering much about sight seeing, this one is a good match. Very nice experience of boating. There also other children activities available around. Recommended for couples... :) Note: I had actually traveled in Nov 2016 but the drop down for selecting travel date doesn''t show beyond a year so I have selected Jan 2012. However, I wanted to review this since I liked it a lot.

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  • Govind Chaudhary Reply

    Thursday, May 25, 2017

    Saputara is small but nice hill station in Gujarat. Nisik is 76 km only. One can visit Vani for Saptasrungi Temple on the way from Nasik. For staying many Hotels available. Hotel Gokul is nice for family. Hotel Toran of GTDC is very good for groups and having variety of rooms - rate includes - bed tea, Breakfast & one Gujarati meal. Lake is nice for boating, quiet and calm. Sunrise point and Sunset points are worth to visit. Good attraction is Rope way - But avoid going after 6 pm. Nageshwar mahadev and Nawagam Ganesh temple is also good. Wonderful experience for 2-3 days outing.