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  • Lakhwinder Wadali Reply

    Monday, June 5, 2017

    I went to the matheran in may month.before going I thinked that there will hot atmosphere but I was totaly wrong because matheran was very cool.i was not feeling like its summer going on.we stayed at ashol hotel near sunset point.and this sunset point is just awesome.rooms in ashok hotel are average but food is very good.its very nice place to visit most important thing is that there is no air pollution.atmosphere is pleasant.transport facility of matheran is mostly on horses and I realy loved this.so you must go to matheran to show its beauty.

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  • Priya Saini Reply

    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    My whole families member and myself. We have traveled from Matheran Hill station to Aman Lodge for enjoy. Very good mode of travel from the Dasturi park to station. Very good entertainment. The best is the in this place is accessibility is a awesome all natural seen. Or also important thing is a the beat part I felt is the fresh air, place is pollution free because of the restriction of vesicles. Local and sightseeing - the beautiful landscaped Matheran spot. For the view point of the valley one has to walk or go on a pony. Matheran has a its own mesmerizing beauty. Walk forest to various points is just enchanting. Sound of different birds and more animals like monkeys hoping around trees is truly satisfying. Watching the sunset point was really amazing. We saw there many points such as lake points.In Mathearan Tourist points many Hotels and restaurant available for leave and stay. This place is full of safety and secure. Overall this place to be not much crowded peaceful atmosphere enjoyable of true nature. Must go to this awesome place for enjoy.

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