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  • Ranjan gupta Reply

    Sunday, May 28, 2017

    Paragliders paradise is what I will kamshet, not only for paragliders but also for nature lovers this place is great and easily accesible just 20 km from lonavla a hill station and 60 km from pune easily we can go through old mumbai pune road to kamshet from pune it takes approximately 1 hour, for paragliding it is approximately 2000 to 3000 rs per person and if you want to go for paragliding the summers are best, and if you want to go to pavana dam or for sight scene then monsoon is preferable. do visit kamshet as it is a good place to spend some valuable time with family and friends.

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  • Priyank mathur Reply

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Near Kamshet, about 10 kms from Lonavala, lie the ancient, magnificent caves of Karla & Bhaja, Bedsa & Chaitya.These caves date back to, get this, 160 B.C. The Karla caves date back to 2nd century B.C. and 7th century A.D.The Chaitya cave, meaning chapel, was formed in 80 B.C.The Bedsa caves date back to the first century A.D. These caves have beautifully sculpted pillars, statuettes and carvings. But why is the government not taking better care of these gifts from the past.Why is no effort being made to preserve them, care for them and make sure they don''t crumble to the ground some distant day.Or if there are efforts , they''re feeble, lame excuses for efforts.Most other countries have no historic monuments, and when they do they guard them jealously.In certain places, history is all they have.Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge, the temples of Greece, the Incas, the tombs and pyramids of ancient Egypt, the great structure dedicated to Kulkulkan in Mexico, ...these are all the pride of their people , as opposed to countries like America who have barely any history. Here, I could''nt even find the heading for "caves " under historic. Considering the fact that the Karla, Bhaja, Bedsa caves are thousands of years old, they deserve better treatment than what they''re getting.Its appalling to read "vicky loves sweety" scrawled upon a 2000 year old pillar.The foreigners who visit these caves have more respect for them than we do. Its for us to prove we''re worthy of the heritage left to us, bcoz I don''t see any goverment personnel taking any sort of interest in places that don''t generate $$$$$, they''re too busy filling their pockets with the tax payers'' money.And please bear with me if the review(?) is a bit garbled, as I was unable to find a site detailing history and caves together.These caves are beautiful reminders of the people who lived centuries ago and left unreplaceable gifts of their talents for us, lets show some respect.