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  • Bharat bhusan Reply

    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Nice getaway from the city, but unless you''re an avid birdwatcher - with binoculars, field-guide book, or have an experienced guide with you, please avoid. For the rest, it''s not exactly scenic...just a green, jungle expanse to come and walk through - while talking loudly, making a nuisance to serious birders and not really achieving much! Come, if you have a genuine interest, watch, observe, listen, learn... above all, maintain silence and leave without littering.

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  • Aashish jain Reply

    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    This is a good place for a weekend getaway from Mumbai. Go on some good hikes, watch birds and enjoy the silence, just away from Mumbai. We went on a March morning and went on a hike. I had some very good bird-spotters with me, who helped me get some photographs. Binoculars is a must if you really want to enjoy. If you are into photography, take the longest possible telephoto lens and an apsc type camera for the maximum reach. The path is quite dry and the good thing is its not too crowded. So one gets the feeling of being alone in a forest-kind of place. It started getting quite warm in the afternoon and we took a break at the nearby rickety restaurant and had some food. It''s not for the finicky eaters as cleanliness will be a problem. The sad part with most of these places is the bad infrastructure - very little good restaurants, good access to clean water or toilets. Quite rough in that sense.