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  • Maanik Singh Reply

    Wednesday, May 24, 2017

    Hello friends, Today I like to share about my experience about Khandala, khandala is a tourist place, khandala is most popular and most tourist visit able place in Maharashtra in India, this is very cool place, I was going with my family before few month ago, its nice experience at khandala ghats, its is the most famous hill station on western ghats, Khandala has many tourist visit the everyday, there amutranjan oint, visapur fort, rajmachi points, monkey points, waterfalls etc, best nature available in khandala, their have very fresh air in Maharashtra, This is awesome place in Maharashtra. Thanks.

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  • Ravish jain Reply

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    Khandala is very best place in india. This place stay in Maharashtra. Khandala is very near to mumbai city. From Mumbai city khandala stay in 50km. This is very best place of Maharashtra for enjoyment in atmosphere or chikki special food eating. The different verity of chikki are make in this place. All farmhouse and home of big people in this khandala. The city khandala is very green natural or clean city. The road or highway of khandala is very best. Khandala city Highway is 6length full big Highway.all are good shooting points available here. So go and enjoy people with this best place of Maharashtra.

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