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  • Neemrat Khaira Reply

    Friday, June 9, 2017

    Start early on in the day, not that there are many places to cover but you will only be able to enjoy and appreciate a place, its beauty and essence if you spend ample time in knowing about it and observing it. Hire a guide, always helps.

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  • Pradeep negi Reply

    Monday, May 1, 2017

    The property is in a fantastic old fort just slightly isolated from the rest of the city. The property has an old beauty and is relatively well maintained. The courtyards and greenery are a pleasant reprieve from the surrounding desert and the pool, though a little murky one day, was wonderful and relaxing. The lobby and sitting rooms are glamourous and well kept and made you feel like you were part of a bygone era. As a whole, the property has an exotic and rather magical feeling. The rooms are sparse but well appointed with old furniture and very clean. The matress was nice and the linens were very clean. The bathroom was quite clean as well, though the tub was not, and the faucets had quite a lot of calcium deposit that had not been cleaned in quite a while. That being said, you are in an old structure that is glamourous and quite lovely in every other way. Rooms have all A/C and mini bar (I do not remember a TV but that was fine), though the WiFi was only in the lobby area. The restaurant is nice with good food, but the caffee / bar is great - best samosas we had in India. There are also a number of nice shops on the premises with some reasonable prices. The service was very good. The staff was mostly nice, especially in the restaurant, though sometimes English was a bit lacking (in the caffee). Overall a very nice experience.

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