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  • Tarun kumar Reply

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    I was feeling jealous for Kashmiri people what a lovely place incomparable, yes of course going from Gujarat to kashmir is altogether a different experience but I must say kashmir is a heaven, I had visited sonmarg on 31st of May believe me on the way to zozila pass I found Appx 100 feet tall ice walls on both the sides of the roads in the month of May, isn''t it interesting?? One must visit zero point from Sonmarg, a good negotiation skill is need while bargaining with local taxiwala

  • Saniket Kumar Reply

    Sunday, June 4, 2017

    As a part of the Cox & Kings package tour,our first stop was Sonamarg. It is about a 4-5 hour ride from Srinagar with a couple of optional stops in between. There is a small rafting point along the way where u can stop you vehicle and take in the picturesque scenery and photos. Sonamarg is a relatively small place with the major attraction being a visit to one of the glaciers either the Thajiwas or the Fish point. The latter is quite a long way off from the centre of Sonamarg (which I presume was where we stayed) and u should plan on going there only if u start in the morning, not in the afternoon. The only sour point in Sonamarg, as also the rest of the Kashmir, is the fleecing which you undergo at the hands of local guides, the sled guides and the horse/pony guides. While the govt. talks in the air about promoting tourism, they are blissfully unaware of the ground realities. Surely some kind of regulation can be put in place where rates for various types of equipment and supporting animals like the ponies and horses are fixed. The rates for these vary from the guide to guide and can range from 2000 per horse to 1500, if u bargain well (may even come down slightly further if u bargain really hard). Once u have stuck a deal with the guide, u have to travel about 45 min on horseback to reach the base of the Thawajas glacier. Actually u can also hire a car which will take u till a point some distance from the glacier and the rest can be travelled on foot (about 10 min.). Once u are at the glacier, u can enjoy the snow and also do some climbing till wherever u can reach. Mind u, climbing in the snow is no easy task and is meant only for the fit and healthy. There are sled guides who take u to a point high up by pulling u on a sled, and then u can ride down in the sled. All in all, an enjoyable experience if u are seeing snow for the 1st time.