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  • Santanu Deva Reply

    Monday, May 29, 2017

    Never think will find friends in Kolkata. Kolkata city tour not just offer a tour package but the service is the best from them. You can find tour packages from any travel agency but ... Caring, good personally and understanding only can find in Kolkata City Tour. Always wish all the best for Kolkata City Tour ...This trip will be remembered always !! So nice room and room service !! Always on time and all it was so much love foods there they respect customer and we are so happy you will give us best deal. I will always do on this app only. This is so adorable amazing trip ever

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  • Ram babu Reply

    Thursday, May 18, 2017

    I have visited Kolkata many times before. People are good, place is good too. But this is not the season to visit the place. Because of my official work I had visited. But when I visit the place with family all enjoy. Shopping, food, places all are nice to visit the place again and again.