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  • Vikas jain Reply

    Monday, May 15, 2017

    All tourist places in chennai is awesome, those are attached with beaches . one of the most beautiful place in chennai is pondicherry . its original name is called puducherry but now its called pondicherry . The language of chennai is tamil, some of the people in pondicherry is talking in french . beacause Dutch, portuguese, British and lastly by the French till 1954 before it became a part of independent India. here, beautiful beaches, churches, statues, temples and ashramas are placed in pondicherry . Roads are looking nice and clean, when we walking on roads we feel that we are at rome. And one of the beautiful place is Sri Aurobindo Ashramam in auroville city . wow such a nice ashramam for peace . Ganesh temple is located in manakula vinayagar street. and Hindus are mostly settled in that area . Museum in pondicherry is located in saint Louis street.in this Museum collection of sculptures, handicrafts, archaeology section, French India gallery, Bronze gallery, etc. Like these somany sight seeing places are located they are Chunnambar boat house, paradise beach, Mahatma gandhi statue is in seaside promenade, french war memorial, french colonies etc. And the Luxurious comfortable and glamorous beach resorts in pondicherry also available hotels and their maintenance are also clean and good .

  • Anoj Jain Reply

    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    Pondicherry it was nice place . Discussing about the weather due to pondicherry situated in a costal area in summer season it is very hot during may to june tempreture is too hot. But it can adjustable to those who are living permanently in this place. But as a tourist I suggest you to plaese visit in the month between september to februry. you saw in pondicherry mostly french.as if it seems like you came to paris. it is a city of peace beacuse there was a tomb of the mother and aurobindo.situated there . Pondicherry famous for the local products.it may be perfumes , handlooms and joss stick and many other hand made products.i must prefer to every one that if you will be going pondichwrry then don''t forget to puchase a purfume and joss stick. Whay just because it smells nice like natural. Also in pondicherry there area a lot os sea beach are there qhich is famous for sunrise. It is a old sity you find any antique pice at the musim.if you want to maditate your self and attach to almity''s power the the pondicherry ashram is best for you. One of the famous place in pondicherry is the auroville. The golden ball.if you get a chance then please visit auroville.i think entire auroville is a wide campus aroound 200 acres of land with full of the buty of decoration. Inside auroville there was a white cristal ball in which sunlite was reflected on the top .entire wall coloured of white paint even if all the furnitures. It looks like you are coming to the heaven. I had got a chanse to meditation there for 30 mins and belive me you can''t imagine how beautiful the place and the artistic construction desisn. very cheep and healthy diet food available in mother''s canteen which is only available for visitors. overall saying in one line it is a place of peace

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