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  • Prateek Kumar Reply

    Sunday, May 7, 2017

    Hi friends, as I have been to shimla, I know the place kufri too well! I have been there, we didnt planned to go for kufri but the locals insisted us to go to kufri for once, so on the repeated good feedback of the locals we decided to go for kufri too in shimla ! Kufri is the lifeline and heart and soul of shimla, we were too tired in the traffic while going for kufri, but when we reached there, our all tiredness was faded, I mean its a wonderful place, full of adventures! We did bunji jumping, rope climbing, even did some children games and one game there based on 3d technology was just so amazing that we did it atmost 6-7 times, you can dance there as there is big crowd all in jovial mood! So if u love adventure than its a place to go for sure. You can see, people of kufri are awesome along with the games and adventure of kufri worth admiration! Oh I forgot about the horse and the yak riding which is just so fabulous! So if you go to shimla than going to kufri is must, if you missed kufri than surely you missed shimla''s heart!

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  • Rajan Singh Reply

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    It''s really nice place to enjoy nature. I would suggest if you are taking horse riding then ask rider to be slow as I found many tourist felt down while climbing mount on horse. Very good location...approachable location....must visiting place...good for all age person....Should not be ignored...

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