2 Reviews

  • Hardik Kumar Reply

    Friday, May 26, 2017

    Far from the maddening crowd, enjoy much needed break and comfortable stay. Enjoy the fresh airs and recharge yourself. Excellent road condition will add a spark in your trail blazing in the Himalayas. Visit to this place is more like relaxing and enjoying the hills rather than sightseeing. You will come across awesome sights while driving. Still there are many points like Renukaji, Dhaula Kuan, Poanta Sahib near to Nahan to keep to occupied.

  • Anukul Jain Reply

    Thursday, May 11, 2017

    Lot less that what is expected out of a place on the Himalayas. Very small place and not much to enjoy but surrounding places are really good. Enjoyed the visit to Poanta Sahib, Renukaji and the beautiful drive to Shimla from Nahan. The road is simply beautiful and if you love driving, it is heaven. Not many vehicles would be seen and a driving pleasure. Renukaji lake, the temple and the drive through sanctuary are something that the family enjoyed.

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