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  • Pushpender Jain Reply

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017

    In Bangalore I stayed for 3 months. It is a cool place. I enjoyed a lot there. The atmosphere is so cool. In summer also same thing. The neighborhood also very good. Bangalore citizens are very friendly nature. And this wonderful tourist place too. We visited to Mysore palace. Its really awesome. There is a park which is located full of flowers. At the night time they present lazor show. It is about one hour. And another great place is Shrawan Belgaum. Here we can see the 100 feet statue of Lord "Digambaradeva". In local there are so many places to visit. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple also superb place. We cannot leave the place for hours. Ravimetta, the lord Anjaneya temple is very peaceful. And Lalbagh park also is a famous park. Every year they import so many flower plants.

  • Arun yadav Reply

    Monday, May 15, 2017

    Bangalore is also known as Technocity becoz in bangalore all big company are present.In 1 Oct.2016 we plan a 4 day trip to Bangalore.our flight is from Guwahati airport at 5 pm.we reach bangalore in 8: 30 pm.Bangalore weather is very cool.In 10 pm we reach himalaya hotel, my husband book this hotel online.After reaching hotel we order food and take rest.Next day we plan to visit Bangalore local place .For local sightseeing we book one tourist taxi.we continue our journey in9 am by visiting Iskcon temple.Next we visit Nandi temple , Tipu sultan summer palace.after that we do our lunch in a hotel.After lunch we visit Lal bagh.At about 5 pm we return to the hotel and take rest.Next day we visit Tecnozone where all big company like tata and MNC company are present.Building of this IT company are so high that we cannot see the last floor with our eye.I enjoy the bangalore trip very much. I prefer this place for visit because the weather of Bangalore is very good.In every season Bangalore person can wear sweater in night, Our taxi driver told this to me.I also like the honesty of this place people.Bangalore local person help the visitor , Bangalore is a safe place for every tourist.