2 Reviews

  • Pardeep Negi Reply

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    If you really want to go and see the natural place you must visit for Khutaghat. Also there is a religious place Ratanpur there is Devi Durga and there 8 temples to see. This is very old and made of pure single piece of rock by engineer you should go. Also I recommend only Hotel Grand Amba.

  • Ankur Yadav Reply

    Thursday, May 25, 2017

    Biaspur is one of the big cities of chhatisgarh state. I went to bilaspur with my father for a business trip in 2008 . the hotels are good and available in reasonable price. bilaspur is an great city with great culture and coutesy of people. Bilaspur is a developed city in terms of medical facilities, transport, education and culture. their are so many good hospitals and spacialist of all the disease, bilaspur is well versed in terms of transportation their is a good rail and bus network too and guru ghasidas university is situated in bilaspur, it is a central university. and the best thing about the people of bilaspur is that they have a great tendency to adapt new culture and life style. I will suggest you to go bilaspur and enjoy the beauty.

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