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  • Parmood Jain Reply

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    Goa is las vegas of india . Sea , wine, hotels and girls . Simply this city doesn''t sleep and there is no holiday . You can view mixture of indian and foreigner . Open bar and bear can easily find . Evrything which need to relax and enjoy .you might forget that you are in india . The best part of goa is it can fit in your budget

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  • Albert Posco Reply

    Friday, May 5, 2017

    Whenever we listen the name of goa only one thing comes in our mind that is enjoying the beach and live the true nightlife. Goa is the smallest state by area and the fourth smallest state by population of india. It is bounded by the maharashta to the north and karnataka to east and south with the Arabian sea forming it''s western coast The Panji is it''s capital and Vasco da Gama is it''s largest city. And it''s local language is kokani which is so much similar to Marathi language. Goa is visited by the large number of international and domestic tourist each year for its beaches places of worship and world heritage architecture. Goa is specially known for its nightlife like casinos and nightclubs and so many things. The deltin royale casino is goa''s biggest casino and the aguada fort which also known as a suicide point of goa is longest beach of goa.and in old goa you will find some horrible place also.