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  • Prakash Gupta Reply

    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    Damam is one of the good place for visit and for relaxation. There are many beaches and manu ancient places to visit in Daman. There are good developed beaches are there with verious types of good foods. Last month we have visit to very famous beach in daman jampor beach. It is a very beautiful beach. There are many varieties of food such as chicken, prawns, fish, etc. We have take food at beach then go for the enjoyment at beach. We have take paragliding at the beach. It was an awsome feeling of takin paragliding at beach. Feel like we are in heaven now. Wow what an amazing experience. Then we takes some rest on beach. Hanging around in fresh air. It was just an amazing experience. Daman is really good pace for relaxation and for hang out.

  • Akbar Khan Reply

    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Daman our union territory the best place the place where you get everything the good food good develop city beaches and many more daman is a good place to hangout with familys and friends too best place for tourism the daman is a beautiful island coverd by water can be reached through a place vapi they celebrate new year amazingly all of the daman gets coverd in light long light party are held there at the beach you can enjoy sports like para sailing and much more daman has cleared good road and a clean city and has bedt weather all through country

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