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  • kamaldeep Singh Reply

    Saturday, May 20, 2017

    "Marg" is a word that depicts the vast open land available for grazing. The Gulmarg located in Kashmir was discovered by King Yousuf Shah Chek in 1563 and made it his capital. It is the vast open land on the top of Himalayan mountains surrounded by forests and glaciers on other side. The Gulmarg has the worlds longest cable car network that takes the tourists to chilling heights of Affarvat. It consists of one of the worlds best golf clubs and many international players visit for golf every year. There are various 3-5 star hostels that accommodate the tourists throughout the year. The ponni walas provide the service of horse riding providing access of tourists every where. The winter season is most celebrated one as skiers from across the globe to take part in winter Ski games at Gulmarg. There are many other nearby places to visit that includes fresh water falls like "Drang" and "Sranz". The gardens of Tangmarg and the Shrine at Baba Reshi are other tourist attracting places. Gulmarg is also scientifically important as one of the Highest Nuclear research stations of India is located there. But civilians are not allowed to visit the site. In nutshell, Gulmarg is a must visit for everyone.

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  • Haish tariyal Reply

    Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Gulmarg is seriously a paradise on earth. It will literally feel like you are in heaven. The accessibility is not that easy you have to come here by car or tempo traveler. There are two phases of mountains; on the first phase you will find many shops and will have fun doing sledging and skiing . The second phase is mind boggling. All snow as far as your eyes can see. Your legs will be a foot inside the snow . The hotels are nice but food is not that great. As you know the terrorist activities happening in Kashmir it is not that safe to go but I would suggest you all to go and pray because god is always with you.

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