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  • Manpreet Singha Reply

    Friday, June 9, 2017

    Hello everyone today I am review about bodh gaya. It is a holly place situation at bihar. Most of bodhy people go there for worship. It is a holly temple. Very peaceful place . It is near from mujafarpur. Lots of people who are in need of peace can go there and have mental peace. Really a spiritual place. Atmosphere of the temple is Ossom . Bhudish people are more attractive to this place. India is a place of religion culture where u can find most of religion temple of everyone. Where u can get the dynamic power of body. Your hole sprit become bless in worship of god. Most of tourists are attracted to such places. Really a holly and spiritual place. Every one should visit one in his life.

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  • Raju nayak Reply

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    Bodh Gaya is a very good city. In Bodhgaya, a lot of people come to visit from abroad. In Bodhgaya, Gautam Buddha is a temple of God and his statue of 30 feet is in Bodhgaya in Bodhgaya Buddhism was Asthmaana and Bodh Dharma''s Asthana was done by Gautama Buddha God. Gautam Buddha took his Samadhi under the Peepal tree in God''s Bodh Gaya and became his temple on that world