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  • Pinki Sharma Reply

    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    In this distt of himachal pasdesh the mini Switzerland located in ther local people call him khajiyar its really lovly nature and lovly place to tours and here all glidees and rolling balls are present in this place for enjoy the weekend with friends or family member since the beginning to end you say lovely place and coprative people of chamba

  • Aditya Rajput Reply

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Chamba is one of the district of Himachal Pradesh, ( India) . In Chamba their many beautiful sites. If you are a person who loves to feel high or who loves heights, mountains this place is perfect fou you. In chamba their place named Mani Mahesh. Mani Mahesh is famous because it is said that it is one of the kailash( home) of Lord SHIVA. In Chamba their is city name Pangi and the road Chamba to Pangi is most dangerous road I have ever seen in my life and if you not belive just vist their for one time. While going to Pangi their is station name #Satrundi this place is realy realy beautiful. Every bus and car stop at that place for enquiry or some checking stuff because this place is near to J& K their is army camp and they check your id proof and all. so if you love to travel just visit their and it''ll going to be a great experience and adventure for you.

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