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  • Ajruddin Kha Reply

    Friday, May 26, 2017

    Spiti.. The hidden beauty of India.. Traveling to spiti is an experience in itself.. Spiti is Spiti.. sometimes wild sometimes calm.. Visiting this beauty is a challenge in itself.. spiti is a feel one must have atleast once in Life time.. Spiti gives u a chance to b with Urself..Detox ur ego and hard feelings and Live new.. I\spiti has something divine .. It teaches U lessons of Life.. It teaches U to b strong.. and accept every challenge of life..

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  • Jiten Negi Reply

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    I went to Chandrataal Lake in Spiti Valley in September last year. It was an unplanned trip and turned out to be one of the best ones i have ever had. Spiti Valley, though unexplored, provides many beautiful views with big mountains and Spiti River flowing along the road. The only life that one comes across in this part is the shepherds and their herds of sheep (which itself makes a beautiful sight). After 40-45 kms from Rohtang Pass, the road is in a very deteriorated condition (also no road at all for many kms), which makes this journey all the more exciting. There is a campsite some 3-4 kms before Chandrataal lake, where one can stay and have an camping experience. from this site one has to trek to chandrataal lake. The trek is little tiresome, but once the first sight of the lake takes all the fatigue away. This is a crescent shaped lake with a periphery of 2.5 kms. Chandratal Lake offers the mesmerizing view of reflections of surrounding mountains its deep blue waters which is quite an experience in itself. To sum it up, Spiti Valley is a must-go for all the Himalayan lovers.

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