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  • Kartik Kumar Reply

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Shillong is a hilly place in northeast.It is in meghalaya district.In 2013 I choose shillong for our honeymoon.we are newly married.I am very much excited about this tour.we are from Jorhat.In 4 march , we continue our journey in morning 6am from Jorhat .we reach khanapara in 2: 30 pm.From khanapara we take a tatasumu to shillong.In 5pm we reach Shillong.In police bazar we book a hotel named Rani , we take rest in 4 march.Next day we book a tourist taxi and went to cheerapunje at about 9 am.In cheerapunji we watch various waterfall and rock cave named Nohkalikai falls, seven sister falls and many more.At about 5 pm we reach shillong and rest the entire night.Next day we visit local place of shillong like elephant falls, shillong peak and lakes.I enjoy this tour very much. I recommend shillong for mind refreshment and enjoyment.Who like hilly place they must visit this place.very clean and safe place.

  • Gungun Saini Reply

    Thursday, April 20, 2017

    Shillong is one of the most beautifull place in India. It is known as scotland of India . The accessibility of the place is very good. The communication is very is. People can visti the place by flight aru by roadway. For roodway the need to go throug guwahati. Tourist can vist the local places of shillong. They can vist by local taxis. The local texis are very cheap. The can go for shillong peak, shillong lake etc. The city is very beautifull and in winter it totaly looks like heaven. The hotels in shillongs are very affortable. Most of the hotels are in police bazar. Tourist can also compare the hotels very easily and can select the best one according to their needs Shillong is very safe to visit. Police guide are there at most of the places. And also during any natural calamities they have many measure to save the tourist as well as the locals. Overall it is very nice place to visit.

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