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  • Bhawan Yadav Reply

    Monday, June 12, 2017

    Trek to Rajmachi is most adventurous and challenging. Rajmachi is a small and awesome village between karjat and lonavala. It is roughly14 km from karjat and 25 km from lonavala. Trek from karjat is more arduous and splendid then lonavala. Get down to karjat railway station early in morning so that you would reach rajmachi before sun is unbearable. Take enough water and food with you. From Karjat west go straight in the direction of auto stand from there take Auto for Kondivade village. I advice you to bargain the auto fare as it is not fix. From kondivade go towards kondana village it is only a few meters away from kondivade village. From here ascent begins from the foot of the mountain you have to climb all the way up kondana cave. Kondana cave is beautiful peace of Buddhist sculpture and it is also famous for it water fall. Please see that you don’t spoil this place it very precious and entice piece of monument. You can rest here for few minutes if you are tired. Now real adventurous trek starts first and foremost piece of advice don’t blankly start your trek otherwise you are almost lost in jungle. Search for arrow marking below the cave and follow arrow till you reach your final destiny ….rajmachi. From rajmachi you can see divine fort of Manoranjan and shrivardhan. Ask for accommodation in any of house in village where you will get dinner and tea. Accommodation is cheaper and delight able.Shrivardhan and Manaranjan are two separate forts. Between these forts ''Bhairoba'' is found. On east there is beautiful lake and ancient Shankar temple.

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  • Rupender handa Reply

    Friday, May 26, 2017

    Hello friends, I would like to share about the most cool place in Maharashtra name of the Rajmachi. Rajmachi nis the small village place in sahyadri range in Maharashtra in Kokan region, Rajmachi has two fort field peaks Shrivardhan and manaranjan forts located near two famous hills odf lonbaval and khanadala, There are most popular view in in Maharashtra, the great nature have in Rajmachi points, Its very much cool and popular place in Maharashtra.Thanks.