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  • Akshay Vashisht Reply

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Being located in Gujarat the Main attraction point these days is the NATIONAL park. Which is situated in a Long Vast area of the Forest Department- This National Park is also Famous for the Wild Life Experience through the Zoo. area however being a Bit Rural the Transportation is a Bit more costly. Although had a Great time with the Family as Well as with the Kids in the Safari- Also appreciate the Local people of Gir being Help full with any kind of thing that may be required also GETS TAKEN CARE OFF EASILY!

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  • Prtiksha Jain Reply

    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    Wildlife sighting can be dicey in India because of the high grass and dense forests. Especially when it comes to the big cats. You''ve got to be lucky to see a tiger and very lucky to spot a leopard for example. But lions are less elusive than these two cats and the Gir sanctuary is a good place to spot them. In any case it''s the last remaining natural habitat of the Asiatic lion and the good news is that the conservation measures here have taken the lions from the brink of extinction to a healthy number of about 500 today. This also means that you can get good sightings here; in fact they are almost guaranteed. The lions are also very comfortable with the forest rangers who can go right up to them unharmed. All of this helps you, the tourist, see more of these beautiful creatures. The Asiatic lion is much smaller than the African one, though, so if you''re planning to go to Africa, it might be a good idea to visit Gir first!