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  • Mahinder Bhatt Reply

    Monday, May 8, 2017

    Diu is very good place for watching the Portuguese forts and sea beaches. Enjoument is lots of in this diu. Diu is near somnath and una in Gujarat. The language of diu is hindi or Gujarati. This is very best place of kathiyawadi enjoy. Many kathiyawadi people are come from rajkot or other places only for enjoyment. This is a good place of enjoyment and all people are come for only eating and drinking a beer or others. The petrol and diesels rate is very low in this diu. This is very good place in Gujarat.

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  • Ajay Makhan Reply

    Monday, April 24, 2017

    Hello friends, Diu is the most beautiful place in india, I had so many time visit at Diu. its have awesome sea beeches, it is a most famous city in Gujrat, India. so many people visited the Diu. Its place is the enjoying and fresh feeling on mind. Diu is the very clean city, its nice street way in Diu. so many places for see in the Diu. I was much enjoying with my friends in Diu. Its nice place, I want again visit the Diu . Thanks.

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