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  • Pooja bhardwaj Reply

    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    We took the speedboat from Club Mahindra - a little pricey for the short trip but worth it. The boat driver will take you to the point where the lake joins with the Arabian Sea (under a bridge). That''s the point where dolphins usually come to try and catch freshwater fish- according to the boat driver. We were unlucky and couldn''t see any but several other couples and groups who went that day before us got to. If you''re lucky you can spot the dolphins but even if you aren''t, its still an amazing ride on beautiful waters.

  • Saurabh Singh Reply

    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    We went on this overnight houseboat with our friends, before they returned home. The boat which was beautiful reminded me of the movie Death on the Nile, and kept expecting Hercule Poirot to appear at any minute. The service on board was excellent, very attentive and nice. The food was adequate, not amazing, but I''ve had far worse. The bedrooms were spacious and comfortable, however the shower which was a tad on the cold side, was no more than a trickle. It was lovely to cruise round this huge lake. Wasn''t to keen on the canoe ride part later in the afternoon just before dusk. However only because I found it a bit uncomfortable to sit it. But the overall experience was great and very glad we did it. Seeing just how some people live round the edges of the lake, makes you realise just how very lucky we are. But it was also lovely to see the children waving and smiling at us as we sailed by.