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  • Aman Saini Reply

    Monday, May 29, 2017

    This was the Mid of June 2012 when we planned to go to mukteshwar and Binsar from Delhi to mukteshwar first and then mukteshwar to binsar by our own car. We started 5:45 am in the morning and reached at Mukteshwar at 4:30 pm after taking no. of snacks and photo session via Gajrola, Haldwani, Bhimtaal and bhowali etc.. We filled our car tank full at haldwani as came to know there is no petrol pump near mukteshwar area. We stayed at early booked KMVN guest house (I think this is only the recommended place to stay as there is no such more options are available) where quality of food was good and location of hotel was perfect and this was only the thrilling concern for us else Place was cool and calm but not so exiting may be because of June temperature which was 35~36 degree Max. and minimum was 22~23 degree.

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  • Anil Kumar Reply

    Monday, May 15, 2017

    Hello Friends, My name is Anil and it''s been one year since I come from Mukteshwar but the memories are still alive and enforced to visit there again and again. That was July month and hills are totally lush green due rainy season. Mukteshwar is a combo with Nainital as it just 50km drive from Nainital. There were a very old and famous lord Shiva’s temple situated right in heart of Mukteshwar( one of the Name of Lord Shiva). Hotels are very few over there so you need to plan your day accordingly and come back to Nainital once done. People from hills are very much friendly and always be talkative to support tourism. Since that was a rainy season so adventure sports are being shut but their couple of sports are being organised by local organisers i.e paragliding. I would recommend that at least we should go there once in a lifetime not only for adventure sports but to be with mother nature.

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