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  • Anil Dixit Reply

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    Lansdowne is a poem in pine and oaks. It is the best place to do the best thing in the world, "nothing". The serpentine road that leads to lansdowne from kotdwara is no less a beauty, and behold, when you enter the boundary of the township, the greenery mesmerizes you. Kudos to garhwal rifles for maintaining the place green and clean. The place is specially suitable for a few class of men: Writer, Birder, Historian, Architect, Painter and the one who wants to get away from the madness of life (I suppose that includes everyone). Agreed, there is not much to see, but that is what makes this place iresistible: the lack of purpose, when you visit here. But if you are not a total sloth there is always a trek to "Bhulla lake" or "Sunrise point". And then there are these magnificient English cottages, which give an ancient and mighty feel to this place; also associated with them are spooky ghost stories. But if these do not allue you, then there is the climate silly. It is salubriuous, no extremes, except in the month of December and January. And if this is not enough to entice you, there are stars, oh so many of them, so near and so untouched by layers of pollution. But my advice, always carry light woolens and always make hotel booking in advance. Cheers

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  • Anshul kumar Reply

    Saturday, May 27, 2017

    I have been to Lansdowne from New Delhi, which is around 260km away and is the best possible place for weekend outing for mental peace and time together with family and friends. There are excellent Garhwal Tourist Bunglows and private resorts, like River dale etc which are excellent hotels and resorts. Travel by road is comfortable and this is a Contonment area which is clean and without mess of a Propoer Hill station, it is peaceful and safe with excellent views picturously and nice hill side places.

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  • Akshay Gupta Reply

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Surrounded by beautiful oak, silver fir, spruce, bamboo and pine forests, it is a summer getaway for nature lovers and romantics. Sight seeing is natural beauty all around you and there is no shopping whatsoever. This destination is perfect if you don''t want to do anything and just Unwind yourself... Relax , discover yourself , be with your loved ones..