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  • Mayank Sai Reply

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    Temple visit was good. This is very old temple not properly maintained by authorities. Temple surrounding not maintained properly. This place does not have toilets and it is tough time for all. No good hotels nearby. Good hill top view all around. Average place to visit. Road to reach this place is good. Little narrow roads but its okay

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  • Manoj Sharma Reply

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    BR Hills is what I chose when my friends said Plan something we are coming from Chennai. I always wanted to go this place but I had been shying away for sometime now. So this time I thought we should hit the target. As always we do sorry I do. I never book any accommodation & just start towards the spot with an intuition that we would get a place to stay & my intuition have a 90% accuracy. We took our new Datsun GO Car & started rolling from Bangalore - Nice road - Kanakapura - Then took a diversion from there & towards BR Hills. When we reached the foot hills of BR hills it was very dark & looked little terrifying. We paid 100 bucks to the Forest guard & started our Hair pin kind of stretch with KSRTC Buses moving up, down & overtaking us. Our trip hit the Sweet, unexpected joy part when we saw a BISON standing just beside the road near the speed breaker & we had to slow down a little & then hit the accelerator as the road was steep. We just escaped the BISON on the road & not disturbing it & it''s baby. We reached the top in 1.5 hrs and started hunting for rooms. We never got one for more than 1 hour. This had never happened to me but I felt disappointed. While we were coming one tea shop guy asked if we need rooms we said, We will go up & check - He said you won''t get it. Just to challenge him I went to the top & found none of the rooms were free being a long weekend. Later we came just 2 mins before the tea shop closed & he took us to a small school there which was neatly maintained by the Doctor who is working there. He gave us 2 rooms with bed, Bed sheet & plates to have dinner. The tea shop wala was our GOD and the Doctor our Angel. We settled there well & started what we are good at. Cheers!!!!! Positive: Start driving the mountain in the night, come back in the morning, Temple at the top, Peaceful spot. Caution: Book a room before you go. Be careful while driving.

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