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  • Ravi B.S Reply

    Monday, May 22, 2017

    We friends were looking for total solitude, beach, new destination, a colonial place and a history to reckon with and of course a long drive. Started off early morning with the map. Had sumptuous breakfast at Krishnagiri. After 7 long hours reached the Bungalow by the beach, the ambiance was of the old colonial style room and furniture with a nice sitout and pool beside to take a evening dip. There are no other hotels except at the Bungalow. Next day it was fun to see the morning sunrise. With the view of danish fort and lots of old. But well maintained churches along the two kms walk to the main road. Well we spent good 2 hours in the fort seeing the Dutch architecture and design their store areas of Arm and Ammunition, Ration, visiting the old churches was an experience. We also went to Velankanni church. Very huge and a powerful place. A place to heal oneself. There we heard instances of people being healed for incurable diseases. A must visit place.

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  • Sudarshan Sampath Reply

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    Good Place to relax on the beach & the Old rebuilt bungalow gives you all the reasons to be there. Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Attractions are the heritage temples which are close by to this place & Not to be missed is the Fort which is next to Nimrana Resorts - Bunglow on the beach Activities & things to do: Absolutely nothing to do except relaxing....but you can watch fishing in the surroundings. Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Be ready for a long journey.Best is to go by train to Nagapattanam & just 30 KMS from here to Tranqubar.