West Bengal -

West Bengal

India''s fourth most populous state, West Bengal lies in the eastern region of the country. Blessed with some beautiful natural landscapes and scenic beauty the state stretches from Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the South. A culturally and ethnically diverse state it has a rich history and heritage. A hub of art, culture, ethnicities, religions and literature, one can still find the colonial era in the relics of West Bengal. The state has been witness to many civilisations, settlements , changes, evolutions and revolutions which are well depicted in the poetry, philosophy and literature. While there is fascinating heritage and culture on one side the other side of West Bengal is tech savvy and modern keeping in pace with the changing times. Tourism incorporates a major part of the lives of the people of the state. The state has some of the most sought after destinations in the country like Darjeeling, Sandakfu (the highest mountain peak in the region), Sundarbans to name a few. The natural landscapes, unique biosphere, beautiful beaches, lush green forests and fascinating wildlife, Bengal has much too offer and discover.

Holiday Destinations in West Bengal