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India is a land of diversity offering myriad options for people to experience; explore & discover. The rich culture, historical heritage, scenic beauty, vibrant customs and traditional Indian hospitality makes India a unique travel destination which is not just unforgettable but truly mesmerising. Each and every part of the Indian sub-continent has something distinct to offer. Snow-capped mountains in the North, Golden Desert in the West, beautiful beaches in the South and scenic and unexplored beauty in the East add mystique to this fascinating travel destination.

Indian Holiday Destinations is a multifaceted platform that offers a unique opportunity to both travellers and hospitality providers to share their experiences and offerings pertaining to holiday destinations in India. Currently, we cover over 200 holiday destinations that one can visit in the country.  This integrated marketing platform offers all round information about a destination pertaining to stay, eat, shop and much more. The platform is an equal opportunity source for both travellers as well as hospitality providers.

1. Travellers can check out various deals/offerings available pertaining to a destination they are planning a vacation at. There are views and reviews of that holiday spot and they too have the option to post their experiences in the form of blogs, videos or photo stories.

2. Hospitality providers can share their offerings through ads, attractive deals, and other innovative options.

One of the key and specialized offering of Indian Holiday Destinations is the marketing and communication of luxury hotels and resorts.  We  offer a varied range of service options to position and market a hotel/resort with an assimilated approach. The team with its  sectoral experience and expertise applies effective marketing and communication techniques in order to deliver desired results.

So, be here for anything and everything related to Indian Holiday Destinations.



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