Best time to Travel

Best time to travel is finally upon us. With several states and countries opening up for travel, with all safety norms in place of course, what are we waiting for… Give vent to the inner urge…Travel!

So, when is the best time to travel …

I am sure many of us would have wondered at least once in the lifetime… When is the right time..? To do something… to buy something… to travel somewhere… Well, the answer might disappoint you. The time is never right… Only you need to do the right thing and the timing automatically becomes right… Months of staying home and working from home has indeed re-ignited the spirit of travel among many. “I am dying to travel,” is oft heard. An addendum to this is: Maybe this is not the best time to travel.

Well, let me tell you this is indeed the best time to travel. As you have changed and adapted yourself to the new normal, so has the hospitality industry and tourism sector.

What has changed…

Maybe the Corona times have made everyone realize the safety and security is paramount and much more care is being taken to make the guests feel safe more than anything else. Plus, before the travel become too crowded and cluttered, you need to embark upon that journey you love so much, with precautions and safety measures in place of course.

Thermal screening, digital check-ins, touch-less lobbies, digital butlers have become the new norm. Clinical cleanliness, added emphasis on sanitation protocols, embracing technology, contactless service and operational agility is the main focus of the hospitality industry now. Indeed like a hotelier friend told me recently, “The back of the house is now becoming the front of the house.” In fact one can say that this time the hotels are taking more care for the safety of their guests. And at the same time are looking for ways and opportunities to continue to give their guests an experience to remember. Hotels are offering discounts, attractive packages, and a new experience, while maintaining all safety standards. Really, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

While visiting…

One thing you need to remember is that while travelling and visiting tourist places, you need to take care of all your safety measures. The mask, the social distancing, the works… Your safety at the tourist spot will be taken care of there. Strict measures are being taken to ensure a safe and harmless experience. Allowing a certain number of visitors, with checks beforehand and digital ticketing, etc., most of the tourist spots are now open. If you are one who never did like crowds anyways, this is indeed the right time to travel. There is the experience to behold while at the same time the norm of social distancing is maintained.

Don’t worry, go travel

The one thing we need to remember is that these times have shown us clearly that sooner one adapts and gets acclimatized to the new normal, sooner thing will seem normal to him/her. Yes, there is an apprehension, a fear that things might go wrong but if we prepare well and forge ahead, we can do what we most want, to travel of course. The times are indeed tough, but one needs to get going, literally. And as someone once said- there is never a right time for anything. So, don’t you wait… Get going as this is indeed the time to travel.


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