Almost 300 years old coastal town of Alibaug is located in the Raigad district of the Konkan region in the state of Maharashtra. It is positioned off the southern tip of Mumbai, divided by a narrow strip of the Arabian Sea. It is an oasis nestled immaculately in one corner of Mumbai.

Alibaug located at a distance of about 96 km from Mumbai is an ideal getaway for the inhabitants of Mumbai. It boasts of magnificent forts, endless greenery, breath taking beaches and ancient shrines. The mesmerizing coastline of the region is amazing. Since, the place is encircled by sea on three sides, it is very commonly known as the ‘Goa’ of Maharashtra.

The crystal-clear water of the sea, sparkling and golden beaches, cool breeze and the tranquil ambiance makes it more popular not only in the region but all over the country. Alibaug is a striking place and nature seems to be at its best in this town. In the 17th century, this beautiful town of Alibaug was developed by Shivaji’s naval chief Kanhoji Angre.


The summer season in Alibaug starts in the month of March and lasts till July. The season is comparatively warm but is enjoyable. The maximum temperature recorded in the region is 36°C.

The monsoon season lasts from August to October. It is accompanied by heavy showers and the natural beauty of the region is enhanced more during this season.

Winter in Alibaug starts in the month of November and continues till February. The place becomes very cold during this time and the minimum temperature reaches up to 14°C. A large number of tourists are found here in this season as the place becomes amazingly beautiful.

How to Reach

When it comes to connectivity, this town is well-connected to other major Indian cities by air, road, rail and waterways.

The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai’s airport, located at a distance of about 140 km.

From Mumbai, there are around 35-40 State transport buses that ply between Mumbai and Alibaug. These buses also connect Alibaug to other destinations like Thane, Pune, Nasik, Borivali, Kolhapur, Miraj, Sholapur, Jalgaon etc.

The nearest railway station is at Pen, a small town of Mumbai. Through Pen, Alibaug is connected to Panvel Railway Station and then to Mumbai and other cities on the Indian Railways network. A simple ferry ride from the buzzing Mumbai’s Gateway of India also connects Mumbai to Alibaug.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Kolaba Fort: Alibaug is famous for the Kolaba Fort located in the midst of the sea. It is around 2 km away from the shores of Alibaug and can be accessed at low ebb through 1 km long land strip. This gigantic structure in a desolate location was commissioned by Maharaj Shivaji in 1662 in order to make it one of his chief naval stations. Kolaba Fort with its imposing walls, gates facing Arabian Sea and Alibaug town respectively, bastions, fresh water tank, well and several temples take one back to the historical days of Alibaug. Its gigantic outlook also narrates the architectural brilliance of Shivaji. Interestingly, the fort was Emperor Shivaji’s last construction that luckily came to an end almost on the eve of his demise in April in the year 1680.

Khanderi Fort: The serene stretch of Alibaug beach takes one to a distance of 4 km to a historical island where the Khanderi Fort rests in isolation. It was constructed in 1678 by the Marathas and remained under their control for a significant time period. Its two popular attractions, a temple of Lord Vitthal and a Tomb of Daud Pir, seem to lure travelers again and again.

History states that after remaining under the ruins of the Maratha King, Shivaji, Khanderi Fort went to the hands of the British, who tried to capture the island along with the fortress several times. It was during their rule that a lighthouse measuring around 75 feet was built here. Though it now remains in exile, yet it does not fail to captivate the eyes of travelers.

Alibaug Beach: Alibaug beach is a few minutes’ walk from Alibaug bus depot. Tall coconut trees swaying with the sea breeze and never-ending waves hitting the yellow sands, with plenty of restaurants serving coastal cuisine and sea food delicacies, one is left spoilt with choices to satiate his gastronomic desire.

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