Badami is a small town situated in Bagalkot District of Karnataka state. This town was once the royal capital of the Chalukyas and is now a peaceful place with many temples, sacred tanks, monuments and cultural heritages. This town is situated on red soil land with red erinaceous rocks surrounding the city.

The Chalukiyan people are considered to be the best architects of their time as they built few incredible temples inspired from Dravidian Temple patterns. The architecture has the specialty of carving out the temples from single rock with elaborative designs and idols.

In Badami city, one can find 4 cave temples with sacred tanks which are built out from big old red rocks which are found in this region.

One who loves to explore the place with old architecture, cultural diversity and traditional arts can visit this city which will provide all of it at one place.


Summers of this city are scorching as this town is far from sea. Temperature of the city in summers ranges from 30°C – 40°C. The maximum temperature rise is seen up to 42°C. Best months to visit this city in summers are from March-May.

Monsoon comes first in South India and hence you can experience heavy rainfall during the months of July and Aug. Temperature remains good and ranges from 25°C – 37°C.

Winter season in city remains cozy mean neither freezing nor humid. Misty winds and dew add up to the winters more. Temperature can fall down to 10°C in winters and in nights can go down to 7°C. Best time to visit this town is from September-February.

How to Reach

Nearest airport to Badami is in Belgaum which is located at a distance of 190 km from here. Many domestic flights from major cities of India land in Belgaum hence it’s easy to reach this place.

Badami is directly connected via road to Belgaum.

Nearest railway station to Badami is in Hubli which is situated 100 km away from this city.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Agastya Lake: The Agastya Lake is present in the outskirts of city. This lake is surrounded by rocky hills and temples which are carved out into the hills. The lake acts as a great picnic place for locals and visitors.

There are many temples to see around the lake which are famous for their architecture and sculptures of old times. People can do sightseeing from the top of the hills which provide a great view of the city itself. One can enjoy taking a dip into the lake and as many believes that the water of the lake has healing powers.

Cave Temples of Badami: This city is well known for its old temples and especially for the four temples which are collectively known as the cave temples of Badami. Four cave temples of Badami are dedicated to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. These cave temples have elaborate architecture with beautiful designs and carvings on its walls. Inner carvings and pictures of mythological events will take away the breath of the visitors as they are all designed by hands very beautifully and artistically.

First temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva depicting the apocalypse dance Tandva and was built in 5th century. Second temple is dedicated Lord Vishnu with the idol of him which is made up of red stone and carvings on pillars which are beautiful. Third temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha and store an idol of him and fourth temple is dedicated to Jain Lord Mahavira in his famous posture i.e. sitting and meditating.

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