Bilaspur is a district located in the State of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful town is surrounded by lush hills and scenic beauty. One can visit this place just after winters, i.e. during March – April. During this time, the annual cattle fair is held at Bilaspur which attracts many tourists as well as locals.


Bilaspur is a round the year destination with tourists flocking in almost any time. The summers are warm and the place experiences moderate rainfall but winters can be extremely cold with temperature falling to sub-zero. So, the period of March and April is the best time to visit.

How to Reach

Bilaspur is connected by air from Shimla and Chandigarh which in turn are connected to all the major cities of the country. Shimla airport is about one and half hours’ drive whereas Chandigarh airport is about fours away.

Kiratpur Sahib Railway station is the nearest rail head situated about 65 kms away from Bilaspur.

The city is well connected by state transport buses from all major towns of Himachal Pradesh and other key towns of Punjab and Delhi. One can also choose to take a private cab to visit this beautiful destination

Key attractions/Sightseeing

There are many tourist attractions in Bilaspur Bahadurpur Fort is embellished by beautiful wood of deodar and ban trees.

Shri Naina Devi Temple is a notable place of worship on the hill top which is at a height of approximately 915 meters above the sacred town of Anandpur Sahib in Ropar.

Sariun Fort stands to the eastern side of the Tiun range, at an elevation of about 1500 meters. above MSL.

Tiun Fort reminds of the ancient turbulent times when wars in this area were perhaps a routine feature.

Vyas Cave is situated at the foot of the new township; the belief is that Vyas Rishi meditated in this cave. It is a place of pilgrimage.

Swarghat is perched at an elevation of about 1220 mtrs from sea level.

Bhakra Dam is about 13 km upstream from Nangal Township; it is one of the highest straight gravity dams in the world. The lake is about 90 km long covering an area of about 168 sq km of which 90 percent is in Bilaspur and 10 percent in Una district. The view of vast dam and green jungles around is fascinating indeed.

Markandeya is a famous shrine about 20 km from Bilaspur, in tehsil Sadar named after renowned ‘rishi’ Markandeya who lived and worshiped there.

Shahtalai Temple is situated about 55 kms ahead from Bilaspur on Bhager- Badser road.

Gobind Sagar Lake starts from district Bilaspur and extends into district Una. It is an artificial lake formed as a result of the world-famous Bhakra Dam on the river Sutlej in district Bilaspur. The pleasure of a visit will be enhanced manifold when a motor launch is preferred as the means of travel, gliding through cool and enchanting waters of the lake.

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