Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and was once called Madras. It has been the fortress of many dynasties of South India in the past. The history of Chennai is filled with the stories of colonial times, and it has served as a battle ground for the colonial forces of the French and the British as well as the Mysore kingdom. The city served as a major naval port during the 18th century and became the capital of the presidency of Madras post-independence. It is situated in South east of the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal and being a major center of culture, administration and trade in South India, the city has a rich cultural heritage. Chennai tourism offers architecture, culture, crafts, drama and art of the city which gives a glimpse of South Indian heritage. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal Chennai also hosts some of the serene sea beaches. The city also encircles some other tourist destinations like Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Tirupati. Madurai, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, Pondicherry and Coimbatore are some other prominent destinations accessed easily from Chennai.


Chennai is nestled on the south east coast of India. The weather roves in between 20°C to 25°C during February and March whereas it starts to soar to 30 degree to 35 degree in April that continues to rise to 40°C in May.

During the monsoon the temperature again drops to an average of 30°C that prolongs till September.

Winter season from November to February is the best time to visit when one can rejuvenate and relish the beholding endowments. The weather in Chennai at this time copes to fulfill a joyous and merriment moment amongst the tourists and residents alike. The temperature in November and December snuggles in between 17°C to 20°C and during January mild temperature at a minimum of 15°C can be experienced. It is during the winters when one can even indulge in a festive mood.

How to Reach

Being one of the eminent industrial hubs in India it is well connected by road, air, rail as well as waterways. Chennai encircles some of the India’s major tourist and pilgrimage centers. The road distance from Tirupati is approximately 140 km whereas Hyderabad it is approximately 630 km. Chennai by road from Vizag is approximately 800 km and from Cochin it is approximately 680 km. From Madurai it is approximately 450 km whereas from Kanyakumari it is 700 km. The approximate distance from Mahabalipuram to Chennai is 60 km.

Chennai Central station, the city’s largest, provides access to other major cities as well as many other smaller towns across India, whereas railway station at Egmore provides access to destinations primarily within Tamil Nadu.

The Chennai International Airport that hosts two terminals connects the city by air to all major cities in India. The Chennai Sea Port is also well connected to Port Blair, Burma, Malaya, Singapore, Manila, London, Suez, Aden and Colombo and is open for travelers.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Chennai marks the entry to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is where Tamil culture and tradition flourish and make it one of the culturally rich cities of India. Even the  attractions like Ashtalakshmi Temple, Marundeswarar Temple and Thirumalai Thirupathi Devasthanam Temple portray Tamil culture and tradition unique to the state. Holiday in Chennai is not only about music, art, culture and literature. There are many places to visit that echo the sound of history, romance and peace.

Connemara Library, Fort St George, National Art Gallery, Ripon Building and Vivekananda House are some of those tourist attractions in Chennai where history can be relieved and peace can be felt.

It goes without saying that beaches are one of the prime attractions in this city. While Marina Beach attained the status of the second longest beach in the world, Elliot’s Beach and Breezy Beach are equally stunning and deserves all praise and appreciation. After a packed-up day of Chennai sightseeing, a leisure stroll along the beaches or a casual sit during sunset wipe of all tiredness, worries and tensions.

Unique south Indian cuisine like idli, dosa and south Indian thali amalgamated with a trip to Mahabalipuram (a rich heritage site) and Kanchipuram (a popular pilgrimage center) gives an excellent finishing touch to your trip.

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