Town of Hassan is well known for its Hoysala architecture where one can find about fifty sculptural marvels. ISRO’s Control station is also located in this town and makes it the prime attraction of the city. This district contains Hassan which is one of the oldest towns in Karnataka and has a rich history. With an enormous amount of sightseeing options, this town has gained a lot of popularity and many tourists come here throughout the year.

Shravanabelagola, Belur and Halebid are the most famous attractions out of the many places in this state. Shravanabelagola is the center of Jainism. Indian Space Research Organization is also which has its modern technology. People visit this town to view the unique style of architecture. Not only the temples but the natural beauty of the city attracts tourist to visit there. Small stone carved mementos are easily available in the markets of the town. People can explore Kannada culture, literature and unique style in the town which make you amaze.


Summer is usually warm as temperatures ranges between 35°C max 20°C min. April is the hottest month in summer.

City experience plenty of rainfall during monsoons. Average rainfall during these days is recorded to be 700 mm. Greenery can be found around the city during monsoon.

During winter the temperature is between 33°C max and 14°C min. The winter season is pleasant and people love to visit this town.

Winter is the best season to visit Hassan and experience the most famous sightseeing in and around. October and March are the best time to travel to this place, as temperature is moderate and proves to the most pleasurable experience of all times.

How to Reach

Bangalore airport is the nearest airport which is about 187 Km far from the city. Flights from the airport are frequent which also connects with various cities and states. Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai are some of the cities which is connected with airport directly. Mysore airport is also nearby the city which makes it easy to reach Hassan.

Hassan railway station is about 2 km far from the city. It is connected to different locations such as Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore and many more. Trains are regular and they are also a very comfortable mode to reach the destination.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Shantaleswara Temple: Shantaleswara Temple is dedicated to Hoysaleswara and Shantaleswara, established next to each other and facing east. It is built out of soft Soapstone, also called as potstone.

Shravanabelagola: This place is an important pilgrim center for Jains. This place has a pond which is sacred to their culture and it is located between two lofty hills called Chandragiri and Indragiri. This place is well known for the huge statue of Lord Bahubali. This statue is tallest in the world and people come there to see it. People also visit various temples in the town that are sacred for Jains.

Kedareswara Temple: A Chalukyan manner temple with two Hoysala emblems is very renowned where the sculptor’s talent has persuaded even the goldsmith’s skill. The beautiful mix of architecture is so profound that it can overwhelm anybody.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: It is one of the major places of sightseeing among wildlife adorers. The area of the wildlife is spread in an area of 102 sq. km. There are many species which can be found in this sanctuary like Leopard, Elephant, Mouse Deer, Jungle Cat, Spotted Deer, Small Indian Civet, Small Indian Civet, Jackal, Common Mongoose, Hare, Common Palm Civet, Porcupine Wild Pig and Barking Deer.

Hoysaleswara Temple: Dotted with complex inscribed sculptures, Hoysaleswara Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and was constructed in the mid-12th century. This temple remained incomplete even after 87 years of its construction as the Delhi Sultanate had attacked the Halebidu.

Belur: This place is well known for its magnificent 12th century temples. These temples were constructed during Hoysala reign. Chennakeshava Temple and Hoysala Temple are some of the famous temples there. One can find sculptures of elephants, scenes from epics and dancers carved on the walls in the temples.

Halebid: This is another attraction of Hassan where one one find many temples which are carved out in rocks. Hoysaleswara Temple is very popular amongst tourist; it was built in 12th century. Star shaped platform of the temple has a huge statue of Nandi Bull. People can explore various images of animals, gods and goddesses and dancers on the walls.

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