Jaisalmer known as “The Golden City” was named after the founder of the city, Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Rajput king. The city is located close to Thar Desert. The yellow sand and the sandstone used to make the structures in this city gives it golden yellow appearance. The city gives us a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage and colours of the state of Rajasthan. The desert festival in Jaisalmer is held every year in the month of February. This colorful desert festival is held at the Sam Sand Dunes which is at a distance of 42 kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer. There are several cultural events, camel races, folk performances. This three day festival is meant to showcase the local events, as well as folk dance and music performances. One can take camel safaris or SUVs to reach the venue. This festival attracts tourists from various places.


Jaisalmer has extreme climatic conditions due to its proximity with the Thar Desert. Summers are dry and hot, beginning in the month of April and continuing to June. Maximum temperature during the day can go up till 44ºC, and the nights are cooler with temperature going as low as 25 ºC. It is an arid region with minimal to no rainfall.

Winter season in Jaisalmer begins by mid-November and terminates by February. Winters are cold, with pleasant days and chilly nights. The temperature during the day may go up till 24 ºC and during the night may drop to 5 ºC.

How to Reach

The city has its own Airport and it connects the place with all major Indian cities.

A well-maintained network of road connects Jaisalmer to other cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Barmer, Mount Abu, etc.

Jaisalmer is served by both broad gauge and meter gauge railway tracks. Direct trains from Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur connect to Jaisalmer. The luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ can also be availed to reach the place.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

This Golden City is a mix of everything – water bodies, desert, forests and folk culture. It has always remained the epitome of beauty and history. Nestled in the heart of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer evokes a rustic charm, princely feeling and Bedouin-like feeling amidst its undulating golden sand dunes. The old twisting lanes, majestic havelis and peaceful ambience bring plethora of happiness and relaxation. A shelter of sandcastles and citadels, Jaisalmer is admired for the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort and camel safaris. Not only this, other attractions like Gadi Sagar Lake and Patwa-ki-Haveli and several Jain temples contribute to its popularity as a tourist attraction.

Trails of golden sand, towering Sonar Quila (Jaisalmer Fort), lively folk performance and tents under the sky create an illusion to be experienced with one’s own eyes. There are hardly few places in India that lets you see any form of mirage of the country’s bygone era, Jaisalmer is one of them. Jaisalmer is one of the biggest tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

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