Under the shadow of the highest peak Thadiyendamol peak in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, in the middle of thickly wooded rain forest and coffee plantations lies the picturesque little village of Kakkabe. The lush green forests, coffee plantations, and scenic beauty act as a great stress buster. And there is a variety of wildlife here too. Kakkabe is a trekker’s paradise, so get those boots on and get moving. Up and down hills, through coffee and pepper plantation, alongside the beautiful Cauvery, it’s most satisfying and also great fun.


The best time to visit Kakkabe is between September and May as the weather during these months is ideal for outdoor activities.

Bird watchers may visit Kakkabe during the months of October and November as this the time when one can spot various species of birds here.

How to Reach

Mangalore (135 km away) is the closest domestic airport to Kakkabe and Bangalore (248 km away) is the closest international airport. From both these places you will have to hire a taxi or take a bus to Kakkabe.

The nearest rail heads are Kannur (110 km), Mysore (125 km) and Hassan (115 km). Mangalore is the largest junction closest to Kakkabe.

Kakkabe is approximately a 3 and a half hour drive from Mangalore and a 6 hour drive from Bangalore. Kakkabe is well connected by KSRTC buses; these buses touch all major cities in and around Kakkabe.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Kakkabe is all about visiting palaces, temples and admiring the scenic beauty of the place.

Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in the Kodagu district of Karnataka standing almost 1746 meters above sea level. It is near Kakkabe town and is a trekker’s paradise with the view from the hill top being spectacular and absolutely breath taking. The best time to do a trek here is in the winter months.

The Nalknad Palace was built in 1780-1789 by the then Coorg King Linga Raja after escaping from the captivity of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatna and is situated on the bottom of the Thadiyandamol peak. It is of immense archaeological importance. It is not a palace in the true sense of the word but still has beautiful architecture and paintings to its credit. The palace has detailed wood carvings all around the structure and is decorated with ancient paintings.

The Padi Igguthappa is one of Coorg’s most important temples. It is dedicated to Igguthappa another name for Lord Subramanya and is an important temple of the Kodav’s, the tribal inhabitants of Kakkabe. Built by Lingarajendra during 1810, it resembles the temples of Kerala in style and architecture. This temple governs significant role in the cultural and traditional life of the place.

Trekking, wildlife watching, and bird watching are some of the outdoor activities in Kakkabe. Go trekking on the Thadiyandamol peak that is a trekker’s paradise. It is the second highest peak in Karnataka and the climb will take you through untouched forests and perennial springs. The climb may be strenuous in some parts but the breathtaking view from the top makes it totally worth it. Trek to the waterfalls near the coffee plantations or trek at Chelavara village or trek through the picturesque waterfalls such as Emmepare Falls are few interesting treks to undertake. The best time to go trekking is during the cooler months when winter is beginning to set in up until early spring. It is a birdwatchers paradise and especially after the monsoon when the birds return to roost. Kakkabe was once the largest producer of honey in South East Asia and one can still see how it is produced. It is home to some rare orchids and plants. Wildlife abounds in the form of barking deer, flying squirrel, pangolin and a host of birds.

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