Located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Kamshet is a famous spot for paragliding and other sporty activities. The hard-core paragliding enthusiasts looking for some challenging flying, head towards Kondeshwar. 20 km from Kamshet, it offers the right elevation to take off from, being at a height of 2200 feet. This picturesque destination offers tranquility and pleasant weather throughout the year. There are a number of ancient temples that surround this place. Also find numerous Buddhist caves which were built hundreds of years ago by Buddhist monks. A perfect blend of tradition and serene beauty can be experienced here. Paragliding at Kamshet is one of the major attractions and a great number of flying sport aficionados come here to enjoy world-class paragliding facilities every year. This scenic location is bounded by hills and serene lakes that are definitely a treat for the tourists’ eyes. Kamshet is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.


The fort of Kamshet is calm surroundings with pleasant and comfy weather. One can travel around Kamshet throughout the year. But the best season to visit Kamshet is during October to May. There is always a mild breezy atmosphere during this time.

Summer season is at its peak during the months of March and April here. Temperature varies between 22°C and 40°C.

The moist weather and frequent rainfalls in Kamshet are wonderful and one cannot help but enjoy it. The random waterfalls in and around during monsoons are very appealing.

From December up to February, winter bring with it all its comfort and beauties. The temperature stays between 12°C to 33°C. Winter is considered to be the best time to visit Kamshet so as to take the full advantage of the calm and pleasing weather.

How to Reach

Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai at a distance of 110 km is the nearest international airport for this town. Pune’s domestic airport is also near Kamshet and it is well networked with Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai.

The adjacent railway station of Kamshet is Lonavala. It is linked with Goa and Mumbai. Kamshet is just 16 km away from the station.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Bhaja Caves: Bhaja Caves was built in the second century AD and contains 18 rock caves.

Kondeshwar Temple: Kondeshwar Temple is located near Kamshet at Pohara. Maha Shiv Ratri is celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm.

Bedse Caves: In first century, Bedsa Caves cave had been built in a different style to the above mentioned caves. Hinayana Buddhists joined hands to form these caves. Beautiful sculptures having depiction of animals and dancing postures are seen here. The main cave is recognized as the Chaitya bhavan which means the prayer hall.

Being near to Loavala, this area is full of forts. The great Maratha sovereign Shivaji flourished in this region and his work can be seen here. The iron fort that is Lohagarh has four huge, gigantic gates that carry the faded tale of the destructive wars during the Maratha reign. Tikona fort provides eternal beauty as the backdrop of Pawna dam. Besides all these forts, there are superb castles in Visapur and Tung too that are clearly visible from Tikona.

Karla caves: Another artifact of Buddhist monks are the Karla caves. It is believed that they were shaped in or around 100 AD. This is among the largest rock-cut prayer halls or “chaityas” in India, measuring 45 meters in length and up to 14 meters in height.

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