Khajuraho temples located in Madhya Pradesh have inspired people from generations with its intricate carvings and architectural brilliance. This historical city located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh is regarded as one of the most famous tourist destination that lures people from all over the world.

Especially known for the appealing temples and the architectural as well as sculptural sheerness, Khajuraho is rightly called as the symbol of the medieval heritage. The innovative thoughts and the religious dedication of Chandela rulers have resulted in the creation of this beautiful wonder of the region. During the 10th to 12th centuries, Chandela Rajput rulers built the beautiful temples that are also regarded as the architectural marvel.

Khajuraho is now one of the major tourist destinations where only 22 temples out of 85 have remained which reflects the artistic excellence of the people. The erotic carvings on temples that swathe the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho are recorded in the list of finest temple art in the world.


In summers, the maximum temperature recorded is 47°C. Summer season starts in the month of March and last till May. Summers are really hot and humid and the people like to wear light and comfortable clothes.

Monsoon Season starts from the month of June and continues till the month August. The place receives heavy rainfall and it becomes even more beautiful.

Winter season starts from the month of December and lasts till the month of February. The temperature dips below a minimum of about 4°C.

How to Reach

An important tourist destination, Khajuraho is well connected by road, rail and air and can be travelled during any time of the year. Khajuraho has its own domestic airport which withstands the operation of flights to and from cities like Varanasi, Delhi, Mumbai & Bhopal. Mostly stopover flights are available in this route. The airport is located around 2 km south of Khajuraho.

Khajuraho is connected by regular bus service with neighboring places like Jhansi, Satna, Chhatarpur, Mahoba, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Panna, Agra, Allahabad and Varanasi. Both non-AC and AC buses are available in this route.

Though Khajuraho has a station of its own, but very few trains halt here. However, it is directly connected with Delhi by rail. The major railhead is Mahoba, located around 63 km away from Khajuraho.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Kalinjar Fort: Kalinjar Fort has number of temples and structures that represent the grandeur and love of the Chandela dynasty towards the architecture. Built in the Hindu style of architecture, the fort is regarded as the symbol of incomparable dignity, chic and artistry .Located on the top of a holy hill, the massive fort was primarily used for defending the kingdom from outside threats.

Adinath Temple: Adinath Temple was built in the 11th century and is actually part of the Jain group of temples. Tourist from all around the region used to offer their prayers on regular basis. The temple is constructed in the form of lime-plastered masonry, showing arched doorways, replaces its ‘mandapa’ and entrance porch.

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