Kudremukh literally means ‘horse-face’ and refers to an impressive scenic sight of a side of the mountain that looks similar to the face of a horse. It is a small town located in the Chikmaglur district in Karnataka and is placed nearby the mountain range with the same name i.e Kudremukh. Natural grasslands and dense shoal forests makes the greenery of these undulating hills eye-catching. Kudremukh, a part of the grand Western Ghats, is popular for bio-diversity conservation and is acknowledged as one among the twenty-five bio-diversity hot spots all over the world. The place is famous for mining ores. Noted for its picturesque beauty, rich wildlife and encircled by natural thick forests, Kudremukh is a highly attractive region for tourists. The drive from these thick forests is extremely pleasant and captivating.


Summers in the region start in March and last till May. It is the best time to visit Kudremukh for those having passion for trekking. One can also spot various animals during this season. The average temperature ranges around 32°C and at times also reaches up to 37°C.

Monsoons are from June to September and are accompanied by heavy showers. Although, the region experiences heavy rain, the climate is pleasant and good for witnessing the best of nature.

Winter starts from November and lasts till February. The season is very pleasant and the average temperature ranges between 14°C and 33°C. The minimum temperature even reaches to 10°C. It is the best time to visit Kudremukh.

How to Reach

Mangalore Airport located at a distance 190 km is the nearest domestic airport and Bangalore international Airport is located at a distance of 295 km away.

Tarekere railway station is the nearest railhead to Kudremukh. The railhead is well connected to Mangalore and Bangalore with frequent trains.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Kalhatti Falls: Kalhatti falls is one of the best natural attractions of Chikmagalur. The snow white water falls down from the top of the Chandra Drona Hill which is situated at a height of 45 meters. There is a temple named as Veerabhadreshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva which is located just below the Kalhatti falls. The best season to visit the falls are during the months of June to November.

Hebbe Falls: One among the impressive Kudremukh attractions near Kemmanagundi for the tourists in search of solitude is Hebbe Falls. Gushing down from an elevation of 168 meters, it is split half way on a rock face into what is called Dodda (big) Hebbe & Chikka (small) Hebbe. A soothing picnic spot, the fall is famous to have medicinal properties and therefore, taking a bath here is renowned among the inhabitants as well as the tourists.

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