A small offbeat destination in the northern part of West Bengal, 123 km from Siliguri, 24 km from Lava and 54 km from Kalimpong, Lolegaon lies at an altitude of 1850 m above sea level. Lolegaon is basically a tiny Lepcha village also known as Kafer. Located on top of a flat hill, Lolegaon is famous for its panoramic views of the Himalayas and ancient Buddhist monasteries, among other enthralling sights.

Lolegaon is the nature’s paradise with beautiful landscape comprising lush green forests, silent Ridges and serene valleys. Here one can see the peak of Mt. Kanchenjunga rise majestically in the morning across the Relly valley. Lolegaon can be accessed from Lava village through the serpentine forest road with ups and downs throughout the stretch. Enjoy the Bumpy Drive and Feel the Forest. Lolegaon offers small treks and trails. It is an ideal destination for unwinding & relaxation. Though a lot of hill stations are equally pretty and serene, yet Lolegaon is full of surprises with its wild and natural beauty.


The day temperature remains pleasant throughout the year in Lolegaon. The weather is pleasant in summer and cold in winter with heavy rainfall during monsoons.

The summer season ranges between March and June. The temperature remains between 15°C and 25°C throughout the season.

Monsoons arrive from July and lasts till August. Monsoon brings heavy rainfall, causing landslides, making road blockages.

The autumn and winter season in Lolegaon is between September to February when the maximum temperature is 15°C and minimum is 7°C. The weather remains cool and pleasant and at times dropping down to 0°C. September to June is the best season to visit Lolegaon.

How to Reach

The nearest Airport is the Bagdogra Airport. It is situated outside the town of Siliguri at a distance of 44 km from Lolegaon. Driving down to Lolegaon is not very difficult. The nearest town is Kalimpong, about 55 km away. Siliguri is about 4 hours’ drive covering 124 km to Lolegaon. The New Jalpaiguri is the closest railhead to Lolegaon.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Here trekking is undoubtedly an attraction in itself as choices and variety of places within the hills is innumerable. Kunchendzong Mountain Ranges give an astounding view of a large variety of flora and fauna. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for elephants. Other animals that one may find in this place are leopard, Indian Bison, wild boar, royal Bengal tiger and different species of reptiles etc. Kalimpong is a beautiful hill station with an awe inspiring and breath taking scenic beauty. It has number of monasteries, churches and amusement parks. Odlabari is few km away from Lolegaon with a large tea estate to be its main attraction. This is located between two rivers. A day trek to Samthar or Relly in the unnoticed lower Himalayas can be a genuine opportunity to identify the diverse aspects of lives in Indian countryside. The other sightseeing places near to Lolegaon as follows:

Canopy Walk: The most beautiful forest in Lolegaon, Canopy walk comprises hanging bridges, suspended from one tree to another. The hanging bridges made from wood planks are located at a height providing views of the wild, pristine forests.

Lolegaon Viewpoint: The Lolegaon Viewpoint is located high up in the town. The place offers a panoramic view of the Neora Valley National Park and the stunning snow-capped Himalayas, painted in the background.

Jhandidhara: Another equally beautiful viewpoint is the Jhandidhara Viewpoint which is located at the Lolegaon hilltop, a few km drive or trek from the valley. One of the most magnificent attractions of the place is the view of Kanchenjunga Mountains. Jhandidhara is famous for trekking and bird watching. One can enjoy varieties of bird over here and the beauty of the place attracts large number of tourists every year.

Neora Valley National Park: The Neora Valley Park is by far the most unique and prime tourist attraction of the place. The reserved park comprises nearly 100 acre of forest land.

Changey Falls: Located at about 34 km from Lolegaon, Changey falls is a small waterfall in between Tiffin Dhara and Ghanti Dhara.

Tiffindhara Sunset Point: Tifindhara is a famous sunrise point, which has pine forests and provides a view of the Himalayas. Located at a point which is about 3 km by trek and 10 km by jeep, it has the most stunning view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain Range.

Lava Monastery: Lava Monastery is located at the top of the hill surrounded by a forest. It is a holy place for the Buddhists. The monastery has a four acre piece of land where hundreds of monks live and preach their beliefs.

Nature Interpretation Centre: The Nature Interpretation center is a small but important building at the entrance of the Neora National Park. The place offers comprehensive information about the National Park along with information about tour guides and maps.

Eco Park: The Park is located in the main city, very close to the bus stand. With a backdrop of hills and pleasant weather at almost all times, this park is sure to calm your nerves.

Rishyap: In the pristine Neora Valley in northern West Bengal is situated a quaint, romantic village which provides a great experience of fulfilment. Rishyap, a hill station of immense beauty is a must visit for those looking for rejuvenation.

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