Mangalore is a beautiful tourist place located in South India. The city is located near the backwaters formed by the joining of Netravati and Gurpur rivers. Apart from being a major port city in Karnataka, Mangalore is also a relaxed coastal town on the Arabian Sea coast. Tropical climate, seafood dishes, breath taking backwaters and British & Portuguese charm contribute to Mangalore’s touristy look.

Panambur beach and St Aloysius College Chapel are popular sightseeing spots here. The physical beauty of the place is superb. The slender winding streets, picturesque gable-roofed houses, haughty coconut trees, beautiful beaches, the exhilarating fragrance of the sea, temples and churches, the aroma of spicy coconut curries, all these features of the place leave travelers amazed and spellbound. These wonderful features of the place make Mangalore city a brilliant tourist attraction.


The summer season at the place comes with the month of March and lasts till the month of May. The highest temperature at the place can reach to a maximum of about 39°C. The day time of the place is quite scorching and irritating but the night brings some relief to the people. The summer season of the place is not comfortable and enjoyable for the tourists.

The monsoon at the place comes with the month of June and lasts till the month of September. The rainfall at the place is quite strong in comparison to the urban cities of India. Cool weather during evening and even day time can be seen easily. The heavy showers don’t allow tourists to visit.

The winter season at the place arrives in the month of December and stays till the month of February. The highest temperature at the place can go to 34°C and the minimum can reach 20°C. The beauty of the place gets more attractive during the season. This is the best time to visit Mangalore.

How to Reach

Mangalore is well connected by road, rail and air with rest of India. Mangalore has its own airport located around 15 km away from the city center. Major flights from different domestic and international destinations serve Mangalore on a daily basis.

Direct and regular buses from different parts of Karnataka and nearby states are available for Mangalore. State and private buses connect Mangalore with places like Coimbatore, Kochi, Bangalore, Ooty amongst others.

Mangalore is one of the railheads where a number of regular trains are available. Plenty of mail and super-fast trains connect Mangalore with popular places like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Karwar, Delhi, Pune etc.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Kadri Manjunath Temple: The Kadri Manjunath Temple on the hills of Kadri is a popular temple and splendid tourist attraction of Mangalore. Built during 10th or 11th century, the temple was later converted into a stone structure in the 14th century. As the idol of Lord Manjunathaswamy is believed to be the oldest amongst idols of all South Indian temples, pilgrims from far off places take the burden and find it worth to visit the temple. Idols of other gods like Machendranath, Gorakanath, Shringinath, Lokeshwara, Buddha and Manjushri are also present in the temple. The surrounding landscape of the temple is speckled with few ponds and lush green gardens, which lead to an ultimate setting for leisure and photography trip.

St. Aloysius Church: St. Aloysius Church is one of the many amazing churches that are located in Mangalore city. The amazing architecture of the church amazes people as the design and formation is excellent. The silence at the church is the best feature of the place.

Bejai Museum: Bejai Museum is a government Museum that is located in the heart of city Mangalore. This is the only museum located in the city that carries all important artifacts and facts about the ancient heritage of the place. Tourists at this museum can explore a number of amazing artifacts. The heritage of the city is thus secure and preserved by government assistance.

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