Ratnagiri is a wonderful land located on the western coast of Maharashtra state. It is blessed with a natural beauty that includes superb hills, attractive seashore, creeks, gorgeous rivers, waterfalls and hot water springs. The charm of the place make tourists feel amazed and the natural richness of the Alphonso mangos here leave them spellbound. This attractive and amazing city has various forests, beaches that attract numbers of travelers from all over the world. Apart from various natural attractions, the forts and monuments of this place also attract travelers due to their rich heritage and lovely architecture.


Here the summer season arrives from the month of March and lasts till the month of May. The hot climate at the place persists. The maximum temperature during the summer season goes up to 38°C. The atmosphere during the day time is little bit scorching but the nights are cool and pleasant.

The monsoon season arrives in month of June and continues till the month of September. Heavy rainfall occurs during this season. The atmosphere during the monsoon season remains pleasant. The charm of the place during this time is superb.

Winter season starts from the month of December and lasts till the month of February. The place experiences cool climate during this season and the beauty of the place gets more enhanced. The average temperature during the winter season hover around 15°C. Best time to visit Ratnagiri is from October to March.

How to Reach

Ratnagiri airport is well connected from all major cities and towns. There are regular flights from Pune, Mumbai and all major cities as well. The airport is located at a distance of 12 km far from the main city. Ratnagiri is well connected by rail too.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Keshavraj: Keshavraj is another holy destination in region of Dapoli which is located in between Dapoli and Asud Pul. According to history, this temple is more than 1000 years old. The idol of Shree Keshavraj is the main attraction of this temple and attracts a large number of pilgrims.

Swayambhu Ganpati Temple: The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple is one of the most renowned and striking attractions of Ganapatipule. It has been dedicated to Lord Ganpati and the idol of the God inside the temple is built of pule, white sand. It is also said that this idol has originated by itself and nobody has ever made it. Apart from this one, there is also another idol of the God placed in the Sanctum Sanctorum which is made up of copper. It portrays the Lord astride on a lion. The idol is placed so perfectly that at sunrise and sunset, the golden beam of the sun infiltrate and lights the idol. The temple is situated at a distance of 20 km from the main town of Ratnagiri. The ambiance of the holy place gets enchanted with the early morning nagara sound. On the other hand, in the evening when the clothes of the God are changes, the chaughadas rhythms make the environment very enchanting.

Thiba Palace: The Thiba Palace was built in 1910-11 for the exile of the king and the queen of Burma. The place has tombs of the royal couple.

Kadyavarcha Ganpati: A religious destination for Hindus, Ganesh temple is located at a distance of just 11 km from Dapoli on a cliff and is known as “Kadyawarcha Ganpati” which is one of the famous holy destinations of Dapoli region. It is said that this old temple was built using wooden pillars during 1150 AD. This holy destination dedicated to Lord Ganesh is a beautiful place to visit.

Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts: A wonderful historic destination, Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts are located at a distance of 17 km from Dapoli and was made by the Adil Shahi dynasty. Kanakdurga is known as the fort of land while Suvarnadurga is very popular as sea fort. It is said that the fort was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1660.

Ratnadurg Fort: Ratnadurg Fort is major attraction in Ratnagiri. The beauty of the fort is quite superb. In the year 1670, the Maratha leader Shivaji conquered the fort from the Bijapur ruler Adil Shah. The fort is in the shape of a horseshoe, with a length of 1,300 meters. The Arabian Sea surrounds it from three sides. One of the fort’s bastions has a lighthouse. A temple of the Goddess Bhagwati is also located inside the fort.

Unhavare Hot Water Spring: A beautiful tourist site is located at a distance of 35 km from Dapoli and Panhalekaji caves are nearby attraction of this place. Unhavare is famous for its natural springs’ hot water. Mahamai Gram Devata Mandir and a small Masjid are other attractions of Unhavare.

Murud Beach: Murud is located at a distance of 12 km from Dapoli and is a small town which lies on the sea coast. It is said that this place is one of the most lovely and longest beach in the area of Konkan. This beach is an ideal place for beach lovers and an apt destination to enjoy the vacations with family.

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