One of the lesser known hill stations in Jammu-Kashmir region, Sanasar is an adventure enthusiasts’ haven offering various activities such as paragliding, rock climbing, abseiling and trekking. Sanasar is named after two local lakes and will offer you a quieter side of Jammu and Kashmir infused with adventure and excitement on demand. It is an ideal extension to a trip to Jammu and Kashmir with full of activity and offers host of exciting activities. The area is built in a cup-shaped meadow surrounded by gigantic conifers.


Sanasar is best visited during the summer season (March to May), especially in order to make the most of the activities available. During winter season temperatures gets as low as minus 14°C.

How to Reach

Located 119 km from Jammu, one can opt for buses or trains for the villages. The Nearest Airport is Jammu airport which is 57 km from Sanasar. Jammu is also the nearest railhead and is well connected to the most of the railheads in major Indian cities.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Wilderness Adventure Camps (WAC): WAC-Sanasar was started 4 years ago by “Extreme Himalayan Adventures” and is dedicated in promoting and providing wilderness adventure camping and adventure sports experiences in general. The camp can accommodate around 100 participants. It is run by “Extreme Himalayan Adventures” in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Jammu.

Naag Mandir: The Nag (Cobra) Temple near Patnitop is more than 600 years old. During the Nag Panchami Festival, it sees hundreds of Shiva devotees, who throng to this temple to pay respects and worship the snake King Cobra. Predominantly made of wood, this temple has weathered several centuries although it is not a conventional solid temple construction. Standing amidst lush green surroundings, the temple is not only a significant religious center for the area, but also a site which leaves its visitors fascinated by the sceneries around.

Shank Pal Temple: Located on the Shank Pal ridge, at an altitude of 2800 m, this temple is 400 years old and a 5 hour trek from Sanasar. Its unique feature is that no mortar has been used to join the stones of the temple.

Surni Kund: Surni Kund is a small pond on the high Shank Pal ridge. It is 2 km from the Shank Pal Nag temple, and a demanding 7 hour trek from Sanasar.

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