Srirangapatna Island is on the Cauvery River and is steeped in history and heritage. You will find history in every nook and corner. It was once the capital of Tipu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore. The Tipu Sultan Fort is omnipresent in Srirangapatna and encompasses almost the whole of the island. The people and the guides take obvious pride as they narrate the rich heritage of the city. It was here that Tipu fought against the British and a monument marks the place where the brave king had ultimately fallen defending the city. Although overbearing, Tipu’s and Haider Ali’s heritage are not the only thing that Srirangapatna is famous for. There are some very famous temples on the island too.


The best time to visit Srirangapatna is from September to March when the temperature ranges from 16°C to 30°C. Srirangapatna is most visited during this time as these months witness cool and pleasant weather which is conducive for sightseeing. Warmer months (April & May) showcase temperatures rising above 35°C. The months from June to August receive maximum rainfall that will restrict your movement.

How to Reach

Mysore domestic airport is the nearest air terminal, which is nearly 14 km away from Srirangapatna whereas Bangalore is the nearest international airport which is at a distance of 140 km away from Mysore. There are regular flights to and from Bangalore to all the major cities in India and many international cities as well.

Mysore Express connects Bangalore to Srirangapatna. Journey time is 2 ½ hours. Drive on NH17 to Srirangapatnam via Maddur and Mandya. The journey takes 3 hours by road.

Key attractions/Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Srirangapatna is all about taking a trip to various temples, the death place of Tipu Sultan and the Gumbaz among other things. The places of interest in Srirangapatna are Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tipu’s Death Place, Daria Daulat Bagh, Sangam (of four rivers), and Gumbaz.

Visit the summer palace of Tipu Sultan which is known as the Dariya Daulat Baug. It is built using wood and has been converted into a museum that houses some fantastic artifacts and paintings related to Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan.

Srirangapatnam Fort and some of the ancient temples are more than 400 years old. The mortal remains of Tipu Sultan, Haider Ali and others of the royal family lie buried at the Gumbaz. The Jama Masjid was built by Tipu Sultan in 1787 and its lovely minaret dominates the skyline.

Sightseeing, wildlife and bird watching, picnics and bathing at the Waterfalls are some of the activities in Srirangapatna. The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is considered as a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Numerous species of migratory, and water birds including kingfishers, and golden-oriole can be easily spotted. Various animals including elephants, Indian mongoose, flying fox and wild bison can also be spotted at the Sanctuary. The other bird sanctuary that is located nearby is the Gende Hosalli Bird Sanctuary, in the small village nearby, known as Mahadevapura.

Enjoying picnics or bathing at the Waterfalls in Srirangapatna. The two fascinating waterfalls in this region – Shivanasamudra Falls and Balmuri Falls, both located on the river Cauvery, are popular picnic and bathing spots.

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